We welcome you to join us!

Are you someone who is not familiar with the Lord Jesus Christ but you would like to learn who He is and what He’s about?

Are you a new Christian looking for a family of believers with whom you can fellowship, grow together and learn more about your loving Heavenly Father?

Are you a Christian going in circles in your spiritual walk; hearing the same messages over and over again but never getting anywhere and you know that there has got to be something more?

Are you a mature Christian seeking a church where you can discover the high things of God and be fed with the strong meat of the Word?

If any of these questions ring true in your life, Faith Love Fellowship is the church for you! 

When Faith Love Fellowship gathers together, we worship our Heavenly Father in praise and adoration and we delve into His Word where learn the truth about who He says we are, what we’ve been made and what we now have in Christ Jesus and about the exceeding great and precious promises that our God, who is Love, has made to us and is faithful to bring to pass in our lives now in this time!

We would love for you to join us!

Get into the Word with us and let the Word get into you!